Supernatural Fiction with a touch of Voodoo and magic

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What Lies Within by DW Harvey
What Lies Within

A dark secret . . .

hidden for decades.

An evil spirit has haunted the Gryres family for years.

Will the sole heir survive or be consumed by her family’s past?

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Claiming Perfection
Claiming Perfection

Three young women – missing.

The only clue is the abductor’s sinister signature — a snakeskin coiled over a triskelion.

Detective Shane is once again drawn into the world of magic. He’s learned the hard way that magic always comes at a price. And the past still haunts him.

What price will he pay to solve the case?

Book 2 of the Detective Matthew Shane Mysteries

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Flight of a Valkyrie by DW Harvey
Flight of a Valkyrie

Astrid didn’t want to be a Valkyrie.

But she couldn’t fight fate, no matter the cost.

How much will she risk when faced with the hardships of her past?

Can she accept her destiny?

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Players by DW Harvey

All the world’s a stage.

And anyone can be programmed to be a player.

Kristine Russel doesn’t know her life is a construct of HRP’s neural technology.

When a chance encounter stirs up questions, Kristine discovers her life isn’t what she thought.

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Beyond Death by DW Harvey
Beyond Death

A dark and sinister serial killer has risen in Lafayette, Louisiana.

After four brutal murders, Detective Matthew Shane’s investigation has stalled until his prime suspect walks into the police department. But in a city that practices magic, things may not be as they appear.

Pulled into the mysterious world of Voodoo, where death isn’t always the end, Detective Shane must confront his own faith and solve the case before the killer claims another victim.

Book 1 of the Detective Matthew Shane Mysteries

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