Happy 2022

Happy New Year
Happy New Year

The old year is winding down and thoughts turn to what we’ve accomplished, and what we haven’t. It’s human nature to look back and reflect as we try to maintain balance with the things we have and the things we want.

For most, the starting point of the calendar is a push to be better, to get more done, to finally finish that one important task (be it getting in shape or taking a new direction in life). Hopeful and determined, we set resolutions for the new year. We charge ahead with a renewed sense of self.

The trick is holding on to that spark and keeping it for the long-term. But how?

By remembering that each of us has the POTENTIAL, that anything is POSSIBLE, and that we have made ourselves a PROMISE.

In the midst of the Covid pandemic, it has been especially difficult to grab hold of that light that shines within each of us. And now, with the Omicron variant surging, it may feel like our light has dimmed. My challenge to you is to bolster your brilliance and shine brighter than ever before.

Hold on to your New Year’s PROMISE. Hold on to your POTENTIAL.

Dream of what is POSSIBLE.

May 2022 bring you many blessings.